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Afghan almonds are rich in nutrients such as omega-3, Vitamin E and phytochemicals.Afghan almonds are a rich source of energy and are considered as energy boosters. The almonds are good for the skin since they are rich in antioxidants.In Afghanistan, almond is the most important nut grown in the regions of Kondoz, Takhar, Balkh, Baghlan, Heart and especially the Samangan regions. It is a very valuable exporting crop which is in demand mostly in Pakistan and India. Unlike pistachio, almond orchards were established by the growers with budded nursery trees. The orchards are generally irrigated. Paper shell genotypes are generally most accepted by the farmers and they are preferred by the domestic and export markets. Almost all the almond genotypes are native. Generally, the orchards are solid but in some places the trees were planted on the borders of grain fields. It is a source of richness for Afghanistan, but there is a need to study them and find out the highest yielding, late flowering, and highest quality genotypes. In our study, we attempted to characterize almond genotypes of Afghanistan. Sixty-seven almond genotypes were collected by trained local horticultural technicians from different provinces. The collected samples were supposed to be the best ones in their areas. The samples were brought to Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey for pomological and fat and fatty acid analysis. The nuts are generally white in color, most of the genotypes are paper shell and two of them have more than 2 g kernel weight. There were selections having more unsaturated fat than "Nonpareil", the check cultivar. The almond genotypes reported on in this study show significant variation for the horticulturally important traits tested; and, therefore have important potential for almond breeders worldwide.

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Packaging is a very important part of the shipping and fulfillment process. It protects your products from bumps and bruises and is the first thing your customer see when it shows up at their door. It’s your brand’s first impression in-person and it’s a big deal.For ecommerce businesses, the shipped package represents the most direct touch point and connection with the customer. It also happens to be one of the most under-utilized marketing opportunities for merchants.Packaging in ecommerce came out of necessity for protecting the most important thing, the product that the customer ordered. However, as ecommerce evolves and as consumer habits shift, delivering a complete brand experience extends beyond the product itself and transcends into the whole experience.
Our services- we import and export the products from one country to other also within the same country. Our company is also doing the shipping of the products wherever the buyer/ seller wants to be deliver. We have offline and online both the services available for the customers and the modes of payment are also by any mode the customer wants to pay! Each and everything will be done be our company including the shipping as well.
our company do all types of products importing and exporting across the globe.we do provide and fulfill the requirements of the other people. we are now making the way more easier to get this trading thing more frequently.

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