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  • Price:USD 155000 kg [$ 155000.00 kg]
  • Min.Order Quantity:1 kg
  • Supply Ability:10 kg / 1 week
  • Port:ready in Delhi stack now accept order now for 10Kg
  • Payment Terms:Online,Western Union,MoneyGram, Other,
  • Quantity: kg
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A delicate highly valued spice, with very interesting medical properties, prescribed in homeopathy • Saffron provides taste and is a powerful dye • It is a corm planted at 15-20cm (6-8”) depth, multiplying yearly and producing new corms • Crocus Sativus is a sterile plant, therefore for over 3000 years pure • Crocus Sativus has a reversed vegetation cycle, leaves come out in September and the plant flowers in October, then dries up in May-June next year • Saffron flower is composed of 6 purple petals, 3 golden yellow stamens and one red pistil. • It is this pistil made up of 3 stigmas which when dried up gives the spice saffron
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To help you prepare your shipments as effectively as possible, we’re put together a few tips and tricks. From advice on packaging material and shipping logistics software to general shipping hints, we can offer you a wealth of support for professional shipment handling.
The services of our company are basically that we want to satisfy our customer's or buyers requirement.
We are the suppliers from Afghanistan and we do provide all types of different varieties to the buyers. The Company is a well-known company and always provide and helds the exhibitions in different companies.

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Ansar Saffron. Limited
  • Country: Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Established In: 11-Nov-2017

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