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Unlike other commercial sites that charge you service fees, Silkways.com doesn't require any payment. Simply enter your correct business information to benefit from comprehensive and useful overseas business information on Silkways.com. 
After registration is done and your account is active, you post selling & buying leads. The more detailed your info is and the more you engage in activities on the website, the more business you get.
It takes only a minute. You are presented with a simple member registration form that asks for some basic personal information and your business credentials. Make sure to provide the most accurate information as the prospective buyers and sellers will be contacting you on this given information.
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At the time of registration, you are asked to set up a password for your membership account. Silkways.com take industry standard measures to safeguard your information and take care of your password data which is saved securely in our database. You may modify that password at any time as often as you like. It is on member’s part to keep the password information safe and secure and not let it out to any third party or individual. Misuse of your account by any other is not responsibility of Silkways.com
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